Sunday Activities

Like we mentioned in Wedding Info, we’ve put together some tour options for the day after the wedding, so you can get out and see some sights. These are totally optional, but if you’d like to join, have a read here and sign up when you RSVP so we can arrange the tours in advance.


Muyil & Sian Ka’an

Muyil ruins, birdwatching and floating down ancient Mayan mangrove canals in the Sian Ka’an UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere reserve (6 hours, $110)

Cobá & Punta Laguna

Ride bikes in the jungle to Cobá ruins, visit Punta Laguna monkey sanctuary, go kayaking and ziplining (6 hours, $125)

Akumal & Yal-Kul

Go snorkeling with sea turtles, exploring lagoons and reefs at Akumal and Yal-Kul (5 hours, $75)

For all activities, payment will be collected in México at Playa Azul.



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