Time to book your trip.

The big day is just 3 months away now, so if you haven’t booked your flight, now’s the time to do it. We’ve got some great activities planned, and we’re so excited to share our special weekend with you.

To reserve your hotel room, please contact Jason and Lara, and we’ll give you access to Playa Azul’s website to book your stay.

We’ve heard some people will be making a holiday of it and coming early or staying later. That’s great! If you plan to stay at Playa Azul the whole time, just let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

Also, if you’ve booked your trip, please let us know you’re coming by sending us an RSVP.

If you prefer to take a shuttle instead of renting a car, you can coordinate with other guests on our Airport Shuttles page.


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